Let's think about ENERGY                           

Would you like to join us by helping to protect our planet! Every kid, every where and every day on EARTHDAY can help us:
can you predict how a little bit of effort can save a lot of energy?


Energy Rhyme Remember main ways for saving energy

Let's work together to protect the world and nature With a bit of effort you can save a lot of energy It's easy to do this, everybody and every day By conserving energy at work or at play Be careful of everything, but conserve what you use It's easy if you remember that you should to think before you do!



  • Always turn off the lights when they are not  in use
  • Use natural daylight as much as possible
  • Make sure all doors are closed tightly
  • Don't leave doors open longer than it takes to get in or out
  • Use the automatic setting on your thermostat
  • Use alternative sources of heat some of the time
  • Wear warm clothes and you can keep the thermostat lower
  • Don't open the refrigerator door more than you need to
  • Read books instead of watching TV or playing electronic games
  • Don't leave computers, televisions or other  electronic appliances on when not in use
  • Don't put furniture or large objects in front of radiators
  • Cover the bottom of doors where air comes in with a rug or door guard
  • Can you think of any more?




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